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With an unmatched pedigree in the field of hard water treatment, scale prevention and water softening solutions without using chemicals, electrical. Fluid Dynamics is the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of catalytic and combination hard water treatment and scale prevention systems.
Hard Water Scaling Removal Jaipur India

HARD Water Scaling Remover

Catalytic Technology

A non-chemical water treatment system. Environment Friendly, cost saving, hard water solutions without using chemicals or electricity and No water wastage!

Catalytic Water Treatment Jaipur India

Heating Solutions


Changes in energy prices, the emergence of new heating technologies, increased attention to the environmental housing is pushing people.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory report concluded:
“The technology has demonstrated its effectiveness in this study, and should be considered for adoption by GSA facilities that are experiencing scaling issues in water heating systems. Most larger GSA facilities use cooling towers and hydroid heating systems to meet HVAC needs. These also would benefit from this technology.”